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      Or you think you can. Stop; dont tell me anything. I will take you to Esmeralda. She may see you or she may not. But mind, if she should refuse to do so, youll go straight back to England, or to the devil, if you like; and if you set foot in Three Star againyou, or any of your kindIll shoot you like a dog!Yes, he had been right! She was here, and Norman was with her. His heart was torn with jealousy and rageand love. For he loved her still. He had had time to think on the outward journey, and the more he thought, the more easy it had become for him to find excuses for Esmeralda. He thought of her, a wild, uncultivated girl, ignorant of the world into which she had been flung by a whim of capricious fortune.

      IIdo not know!Yes, they were in correspondence--after a fashion. That signified nothing, she would have had you understand; so were Charlie and Victorine, so were--oh!--every girl wrote to somebody at the front; one could not do less and be a patriot. Some girl patriots had a dozen on their list. Some lads had a dozen on theirs.

      As a matter of fact, he did not believe his eyes. He had eaten nothing since the morning; his nerves were overstrained; the solitude had wrought its influence upon him. In simple truth, he thought that he was looking upon a vision of the imaginationa vision called up by the aching longing in his heart, by his nervous and overwrought condition.

      Yes, she said, without looking up.[135]

      Trafford went out into the darkness, feeling like a man who had been smitten by a mortal illness. His brain was in a[192] whirl; the whole thing seemed like a hideous nightmare. He did not ask himself how Esmeralda had discovered the truth; it never occurred to him that she might have overheard Lady Adas wild words; he thought that, perhaps, some fool of a woman had been talking to her, and opening her eyes.

      Her maid looked up and around. "Gwine to rain ag'in," she murmured, and the mistress assented with her gaze in the southeast. In this humid air and level country a waterside row of live-oaks hardly four miles off seemed at the world's edge and hid all the river beyond it.


      Yes; it is of no consequence, he said, dully.



      "Go!" she said, "telegraph your uncle! instantly!"